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- BERLIN - GERMANY 20. APRIL 2006 -- Today the 2200 Doctors in Berlins Charité clinic are voting to begin strike<br />
The citizens of Berlin will have to accept harsh restrictions in medical care if a majority of the Doctors votes in favour of a strike. Only the hospitals emergency rooms will function without hamper. The emergency and treatment of severely ill patients will continue promises the Doctors spokesman Matthias Albrect in today's Berliner Morgenpost. Our strike should not hurt one single patient he says.<br />
<br />
The negotiations between the physicians' union Marburger Bund and the clinics board of directors failed on April the 10th.  The hospital physicians demand 30% higher salaries, a specific collective agreement for physicians, and better work conditions. The clinics board had offered only 15 percent.  Berlins Undersecretary of State Hans-Gerhard Husung has urged the physicians not to go on strike. "The expectations of the Doctors are exaggerated," Husung says. "I don't know which employer can expect a 15 percent pay lift these days he stresses."  Dr. Olaf Guckelberger, spokesperson for the Ärzte-Initiative, a initiative taken by the hospital own Doctores to resolve the strike however think that more then 75 percent of the doctors will vote in favour of strike. In that case the strikes could begin already on Monday. The Ärzte-Initiative expect to cut relentlessly down on services for two weeks. However the physicians' union Marburger Bund, are in favour of an un-limited strike. The unions strike funds are conversely small so the physicians will have to suffer financial loss in that event.<br />
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